Facebook adds a tool!

Facebook adds a tool to check if you've Followed, liked or Shared Russian propaganda new that helped them pull off a Red State Coup against the US.Everyone needs to try it to understand the extent Putins FSB and Russian Mobsters have played in propping hop Trump and this GOP. https://www.facebook.com/help/817246628445509?helpref=faq_content After you

Trumps Approval rating much lower

We surveyed many overnight Popularity polls done by the media and show a large number of responders are bots when rating popularity of these opinion pools. @RealDonaldTrump has grown but only via Troll or Twitter bot farms like the Moldavian one Putin hired to help Trump ore e2016 election. If

New Congressional District Maps

We have added the links to all 435 Congressional Districts today. Looking at each district map we can see the results of 40 years of gerrymandering. after the 2020 census we will get to redraw these districts. Instead of the current mess we recommend all districts have a maximum of

Troll Patrol

Insta Polls is a Political Polling Group that uses the newest filters created with Human curated Blocked list from some of Facebook largest political groups to weed out the paid Trolls that currently flood Facebook groups. When fake accounts are flagged TrollPatrol deny the Bot or Troll from voting in